Online Betting New Zealand. Sports Betting Sites 2022

Are you in search of a worthy betting site, being a resident of New Zealand? If yes, then you surely appeared on the right page!

We enjoy everything connected with sports betting online, from supplying you with info about the hottest odds on your beloved sports and emergence of terrific bonuses to offering you tips on successful betting.

On this page you can view the best betting sites carefully selected for the NZ betting community – for you, Kiwis. Also, we’ll take a little dive into New Zealand’s betting world to find out how it really works. Continue reading to discover the most useful, informative, and fascinating things when it comes to online sports betting in New Zealand.

Sports Betting New Zealand

Online betting New Zealand represents a kind of gambling where players make bets (play for real money) on various sporting events. As a rule, a bettor places diverse wagers on a certain outcome, e.g. the winning team, a match details, a player’s performance, and many more. A so-called “intermediary” between a bettor and online gambling New Zealand is called a sportsbook.

New Zealand is widely known for its residents’ great attraction to soccer, rugby, and cricket. The country can also boast its vast gambling industry comprising a broad spectrum of numerous betting sites to choose from.  Thus, if you are a newbie to sports betting, it may appear challenging for you to determine good online betting agencies in New Zealand from those available.

Do not rush to get upset! We are here to help you clear things up and choose the best betting sites to suit your needs. To begin with, let’s see what you can choose from in general.

Best Sports Betting Sites New Zealand

Online sports betting community continues to grow impressively, which gives birth to a high competition among betting platforms and the struggle for the title of the best. Here we present a list of top-notch online betting sites demonstrating the best characteristics in all parameters of superior gambling. Taking into account such factors as legality, reliability, loyalty, user-friendliness, as well as action lines and odds, especially for the New Zealand audience we’ve carefully checked them to make it easier for you to choose.


Sports Betting NZ: Betting Service Providers

The field of racing and sports betting New Zealand can be tough to orientate, especially for beginners or those looking for alternatives to TAB NZ.  This is where we go on stage. But, everything is in order.

The New Zealand Racing Board (NZRB) controls all sports betting in New Zealand. The company’s main service provider is the TAB (Totalizator Agency Board) group, which operates in Australia and New Zealand as well.  Currently, TAB has a monopoly on all sports betting in the country. They offer both standard fixed odds betting and horse racing bets covering most of New Zealand’s fifty racetracks. A huge network of TAB’s bookmakers is the main way for local gamblers to place sports bets in New Zealand.

TAB is authorized to offer its services through online sports betting sites in New Zealand. In fact, TAB is one of only two organizations licensed for online gambling in the country. The second one is the New Zealand Lottery Commission, which runs a series of lottery games, including online mode.

Despite the fact that some years ago other bookmakers couldn’t participate in the sports betting life in New Zealand, nowadays, Kiwis can join the sites based in other countries.  Therefore, many local bettors use leading global online sportsbooks to bet on sports.

New Zealand Sports Betting Facts

To begin with, let’s clarify whether online gambling is legal in New Zealand.

Sports betting is considered to be legal in New Zealand, which is supported by the Gambling Act 2003. This is the fundamental law governing betting activities in NZ. It was developed to control the growth of gambling, promote responsible attitude, and ensure the integrity and implementation of the rules from sports betting sites. The law states that New Zealanders can legally gamble online, but only at local authorized providers in TAB. Although gambling at other bookmakers is considered illegal, Kiwis are still able to bet on different sports on international gaming sites that are not subject to New Zealand laws.

New Zealand betting sites are in great demand, with many people participating. See some fascinating stats about online gambling New Zealand by exploring the table below!


The Advantages of Online Betting New Zealand

More recently, sports betting enthusiasts had to carve out free time to visit bookmakers’ offices.  But thanks to the progress and the introduction of the Internet into everyday life, a sportsbet New Zealand has become much easier to be made, because now you can do it without leaving your home chair or workplace. Being new to the game, you can get acquainted with some of the perks below that best betting sites can offer.


You save time

Time is reasonably saved, because you no longer need to go somewhere, languish in queues, and explain your bets to the specialist. Instead, you have an opportunity to fully study the offers of the bookie and statistics they demonstrate in your familiar environment in order to come up with a well-balanced and most profitable solution.


Round-the-clock availability

Morning, afternoon, evening or night, sun or rain outside the window – it doesn’t matter anymore! Place your bets anytime you want it. Besides, the world championships and matches can be played both in the early morning and late in the evening. Also, do not underestimate a live betting option, since many intriguing factors appear during the game that affect its outcome, and you can adjust your bet and truly feel yourself as a part of the game to get an even more exciting experience.


Unlimited bookmaker selection

On the Internet, you receive an opportunity to play not only in those offices that are located near you, but also try your luck with any of the local and worldwide bookmakers. This enables you to make a more beneficial bet by surfing through all their offers to finally stop at the best one.


Bonuses and rewards

Probably the most pleasant and flattering advantages here are various welcome bonuses, free bets, and other promotions that online platforms offer to the newly registered customers, as well as generous loyalty programs for those who continue to play with them further. This adds more joy and motivation to the game.

To sum it up, online gambling in New Zealand is considered to be a widespread niche, which is in great demand among experienced bettors, and continues to attract more and more new players. It is the Internet where beginners take their first steps and learn how to bet on sports, and the masters safely earn decent money.

When listing the advantages of online bookmakers, it is also worth mentioning such a nuance as complete confidentiality. Giving preference to online betting sites will guarantee that no person will know about the passion for gambling if you don’t want it. One more criteria in favor of online betting is that offline offices and the space near them are often “surrounded” by dubious individuals who want easy money and do not disdain robbery.  All in all, reliable and proven online companies provide greater security, convenience and opportunities.

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Key Things to Pay Attention to when Betting Online

Here we will list the most fundamental so-called laws, a Code of Honour of best betting agencies, without which it’s impossible for betting sites to work successfully and reliably.

  1. Official Licence. To avoid unnecessary trouble, novice players should give preference to legal bookmakers. Reliability is a paramount criterion when choosing a betting site for all users, regardless of interests. It depends on reliability whether you receive your winnings, whether you can withdraw the deposit if something happens, and whether the office will exist tomorrow. The fact is that an institution can only obtain a license if it meets a certain level in terms of honesty and security. The license confirms that the company really meets all the necessary reliability criteria.  It is not recommended to cooperate with bookmakers without a license, because in this case the client is not protected in any way, and in case of fraud, there will be nowhere to file a complaint. You should be interested in checking the license number, issue date and validity period.
  1. Confidential Data Safety. Talking about online gambling, security is another crucial point, because a person trusts his money and documents to the company. Usually, having a license from an official establishment already guarantees the safety of this information and customer’s funds, since it implies that the site uses SSL encryption. Such a method prevents information leakage, therefore it is used on all portals that work with clients’ money and personal data. Also take this into account when checking a bookmaker.
  1. Reputation. The third important selection criterion is the reputation of the bookmaker.  First of all, you’d better only deal with trusted companies. Some well-known brands operate under offshore licenses, but they are still chosen by users.  Therefore, it is worth opening an account only in those offices that have already gained a certain reputation and have proven themselves from the best side. It would be a good idea to read reviews about the bookmaker site you’ve singled out. Do this not on the website itself, but on independent sources – forums, bookmaker aggregators, and so on. In fact, they are doing work on researching the reliability of BC.

Thus, when choosing New Zealand betting sites, you should pay attention to the license, data protection method, and reviews of other users. Carefully check the office or trust your choice to resources that professionally study and evaluate betting agencies – then sports betting will only bring you pleasure.

Best Online Sports Betting Sites. Must-have Features

Those New Zealand gambling sites that claim to be the best, will certainly offer gambling public at least a little bit of everything that a user needs. Considerable market coverage along with intriguing odds, alluring bonuses and loyalty programs, pleasant design and great performance aligned with nice customer service – all these will be at the forefront of every online betting platform.

In order for you to quickly and surely find out who is the best, we’ve saved your time from searching and picked outstanding representatives from the rest. Best NZ betting sites like Rich Palm are to have the following things to stand out:

  1. Simple, quick and straight forward account activation process. Ease of process, transparent procedures, and no confusing requirements. The full process (sign-up + verification) to be completed in a one-time allocated sitting.
  1. Design and Performance. A good website always captivates the player with a stunning, effective design and excellent performance. Let’s add a multi-platform usage here. How does the platform behave when you access it on a laptop, phone, or tablet? The answer should be – equally excellent.
  1. Nice Welcome Bonus! A genuine invitational gift – advantageous and attainable. Tempting, clear in application, with reasonable wagering requirements.
  1. Market Wealth. Is the bookmaker saturated with all popular sports, how wide is the action line, and how attractive are the odds? Does it cover those sporting events that are in demand, and what can you boast about in-play betting? It is the filling of the bookmaker’s office that carries the main semantic load – let your guest never get bored.
  1. Diverse Payment Methods. + Reasonable waiting time. Offering varied options for transferring funds is not only a favourable form on the part of the company, but also an opportunity to attract more customers.
  1. Loyalty Programs. It’s so flattering to be treated like a VIP, especially if you are a dedicated player. Nothing disposes more than a membership in VIP clubs, complimentary bets, and various rewards. A truly luxurious service is defined in pleasant trifles.
  1. Customer Service. Sooner or later you may need help, and here it is important that the company offers you several ways to contact the support team, as well as a quick and efficient response from their side.

How to Bet Online in New Zealand

If you can be congratulated on choosing a bookmaker, it’s time to move on to the first step towards your big wins, namely, creating an account. Just like with other users, the registration process won’t look difficult for New Zealanders, because on the best sites we have recommended, it is a quick, understandable and quite template procedure. All the platforms mentioned in our list are in English and work with NZ gamblers and their currency.

Registering an account

To sign up, you will be asked to share certain information. Do not worry about the confidentiality of your personal data, because the sites that we offer you use SSL encryption, so that your information will not get to fraudsters or third parties. Here is what you’ll basically need to provide about yourself:

  1. Full name
  2. Date of birth
  3. Place of residence
  4. Address and Email
  5. Username and Password

Don’t miss entering a bonus code: welcome rewards can be gained only during the registration process!

After completing the registration procedure, you will need to verify your account by sending a screenshot of your passport to confirm your identity. Having done this, all that is left is to top up your account with money you will play on. And that’s it – the whole world of sports betting becomes available to you. Good luck!

Sports to Bet on in New Zealand

The sports New Zealanders prefer now are mainly the reflection of being a British colony years ago, where there was a prosperity of rugby, cricket, football (soccer), netball, and horse racing. New Zealand’s proximity and close ties to Australia is also traced in Kiwi’s love for Aussie Rules Football (AFL), for example.


Rugby betting

Rugby is considered one of the truly “male” sports.  A lot of contact struggle, clashes, tackles and a variety of techniques to stop the opponent. Only physically savvy players can withstand.

Betting on the All Blacks is rather established, even if the projected dominance of the New Zealanders is unlikely to provide the best chances for players seeking to make a significant profit.


Football betting

Football, or soccer, as you can meet it, has definitely spread out on every part of the planet, and New Zealand is not an exception when it comes to one of the most outstanding sports to follow.

European leagues and tournaments such as Spain’s La Liga, Italy’s Serie A and of course, England’s Premier League, are in greater demand, as well as the Australian A-League which boasts a Kiwi presence in the faces of Wellington Phoenix.


Cricket betting

Due to truly dedicated fans, according to related sources, cricket is the second most far-famed sport in the world after football, as well as the most popular summer sport in New Zealand. Matches are held all year round and betting opportunities are almost endless.


Horse racing

An addition to rugby union, cricket and football, horse racing yields a lot of attention in terms of online betting. Bettors have a magnitude of events to wager money on including prestigious events such as the New Zealand Cup and the Auckland Cup Week.

FAQ Section

Is it Legal in New Zealand to Bet on Sports?

The answer is both yes and no. Sports betting is considered to be legal in New Zealand according to the Gambling Act 2003. The law states that New Zealanders can legally gamble online, but only at local authorized providers in TAB. Although gambling at other bookmakers is considered illegal, Kiwis are still able to bet on sports on international gaming sites that are not subject to New Zealand laws.

Can I Gamble using New Zealand Dollars?

The answer will depend on the currencies that a certain bookmaker works with. For instance: Betway and LeoVegas deal with NZ dollars, but 888sport and Guts do not. This information can be checked on the official website of the bookmaker.

Can I Receive a Betting Bonus in New Zealand?

Yes, you can get a bonus when placing bets in New Zealand. Most of the available sports betting sites provide multiple promotions and bonuses to new and existing players.

What Payment Methods can I Use?

There are many options available regarding payments to betting sites from New Zealand. The easiest way is simply to use debit cards such as MasterCard or VISA. Other popular options include Skrill, Neteller or PayPal.

What is the Best Betting Site in New Zealand?

There are plenty of nice betting sites for Kiwis to choose from. Check the list above for the current ranking.